For lack of a better word

In centuries of verse,

I searched and sailed,

For a phrase that’s terse,

’Stead of “love”, but failed.


For the word grew common,

And m’lady somewhat bored,

In her mind she’d sigh, “c’mon,

Can’t you strum a different chord?”


But language was my weak spot,

For lack of an edukashun,

And Hippocrene was a fabled plot,

Of undisclosed location.


So to string a lace of finer words,

I followed the moon and bathed in her rays.

I brothered the studs, and many the nerds,

I mingled with serfs, and blended with beys.


I twisted my tongue in knots and nodes,

Left in my path no unturned stone,

Traversed the sands and paved the roads,

All in search for a phrase of our own.


I circled the world and finally stopped,

Like all circles, where’d I’d first started,

And realized that I’d rather opt,

For us never to have been parted.


My travels did not teach me much,

But the phrase “Love you, and forever.”

You’ll always hear me say it as such

It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s clever!


And if I add a hug and a kiss

What else is there more to say?

Oh, I know what betters this,

I’ll prove it to you forever and a day.



circa 2009.

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