Nobel Defiled

Archer Burrows' Egypt

A diary entry written in January 2015. As ridiculous as it may sound, it is actually true.

I just heard the darnest thing.

So we’re at this gig to honour [a G7] Foreign Minister who was visiting Cairo on the 15th, and a friend of a friend of someone’s cousin twice removed, whose sister I once worked with on a news piece during the heydays of 2011, snuggles into our small huddle of drink-sampling, cigarette-smelling suits and dribbles what I thought was a lame joke. Apparently he’s heard through some incredibly thick grapevine that [the government of the G7 country whose foreign minister was being honoured]  wants to nominate President Sisi for a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

I pointedly laugh at the quip which I didn’t think was funny at all before the rest of the crowd eyed at me with flaring nostrils. I snort grape juice through my own nostrils as I realize our newsbreaker was every bit as serious…

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