So why should I be funny?

* * Daddy, mommy says you’re funny.

— Why that’s really nice of her.

** But I told her “daddy doesn’t want to be funny. He wants to be smart”.

— Funny people are smart. You can’t be funny without being smart.

** But you’re not funny most of the time.

— Funny people are wise. They know when to joke around and when not to. If you try to be funny all the time then you’re just a jack… then you’re just silly.

** But you can’t be funny. You’re always angry.

— Funny people are angry people. They get angry over what others take for granted. They get angry when others don’t get angry.

** You’re always sad too. Can funny people be always sad?

— Funny people are usually sad. They’re sad and angry because they care.

** I have a tough friend at school who sometimes makes fun of other kids. Is he funny?

— There’s no fun in poking fun at those weaker than you.

** If I’m funny, will people like me?

— Probably not. They might say you’re too rude. They might even call you a traitor.

** What’s a traitor?

–Someone who is not loyal to a cause or an idea.

** Whose cause and idea?

— Exactly.


–That’s just the way it is. If you’re funny you’re critical. If you’re critical then you refuse to conform. Then you challenge everyone else.

** I like being challenged.

— Because you’re smart.

** So being funny is cool?

— Umm, no. Not really.

** How come?

–Because when you say “cool” I think you mean “popular”. Funny people are not popular because they make fun of trends.

** Trends?

— Things that most people will claim they like because someone on television told them they should.

** So funny people don’t have that many friends?

— They have fewer friends, by design, and by consequence.

** What can funny people do best?

— Funny people are good at a whole lot of things.

** Are they the best at anything?

— I don’t think so.

** But I want to be the best at whatever I do.

–If you take yourself too seriously you won’t be funny.

** Maybe I don’t want to be funny then.

— Good for you. You’ll probably end up with a great career. You’ll be very successful if you take yourself seriously enough.

** But you said you like being funny. So you don’t want a successful career?

— No. I just want to be comfortable, and content.

** I’m not sure I want to be funny anymore.

— Trust me. Being funny is good. Funny guys end up with the funny girls, and the funny girls are the best.

** Is mommy funny?


** I’ll go tell her you said that about her.



You might enjoy reading The Atlantic’s piece on the psychology of humour.

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