Doting Mum, Ungrateful Bum

I cling on to his sanity for assurance. I assume I am a bedrock for his mental soundness too. We share tidbits of news, and hope in our doubting minds that we will both find it equally ridiculous, incredulous and absurd. Our common laughter dispels the sense of normalcy and prosaicness with which this news is flaunted to the public. If we, and perhaps an additional core of mainstream outcasts, can spot the ludicrousness, then there might still be hope after all.

From our recent exchanges was this piece, which aimed to “scientifically” explain the sense of alienation that plagues some of the country’s youth, and the urges they sport to abandon ship and flee. A professor of psychology, no less, explained the phenomenon away as a sign of a corrupt upbringing and weak moral fabric. In short, this country’s youth received insufficient inculcation, or rather “education”, as children and failed, therefore, to grasp on to their cultural, moral and religious bearings.

This decadent desire to migrate was due, as science would have it, to an Eastern inclination for mimicking the other. And if only schools, parents and the state would do more to strengthen the morality of these delinquents, we would not have had a migration problem on our hands.

Derivatives of the words Values, Morals, and Religion were repeated some fifteen times throughout the article. As a psychologist though, and one must admire this: the “expert” did not pass judgment on any particular religion or value set. Indeed, he mentions that Europeans and other Westerners do not share this wicked desire to flee their ancestral homes because of their own proper, religious, and moral upbringing through formal state institutions.

Codswallop. In copious servings.

Of course, in linking desires to leave the country with fetishized notions of religion and morality, the “expert” is out to tell us that political dissent is but the insinuation of Beelzebub, that economic want is but the frailty of faith, and that respect for Don Presidente on earth is tethered to the respect for the Deity in heaven.


This buffoon is another reiteration of how the state corrupted science. He is, in Gramscian terms, an intellectual agent of the state, vying for its favour, and abetting its malevolence through pseudo-rational and quasi-scientific justifications. But I am a fool to invoke Gramsci in an argument as crass and as base as this.

The message is plain. It’s your fault for wanting to leave, for daring to ask for more. And instantaneously, we wash our hands from the lives of those who die at sea, or those who risk danger and put their necks on the line for mere sustenance.

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