The day Science stood still

kefta aidsWas of course the day in February 2014 when an Egyptian shaman announced the discovery of a cure for HIV, Hepatitis C, and apparently any other RNA virus.

Wait. Words like RNA, protease, and gene therapy were completely absent from all announcements of the discovery. On the other hand, God, Kefta, and many vague references to waves were ubiquitous.

“How can you not believe we really did achieve this scientific breakthrough?!” asked me the staunch loyalist. “It was the Army that announced it!”

Indeed, it was the army’s involvement that pulled me onto my skeptical toes. It wasn’t as if we had never heard long yarns spun every which way by the army before.

“It’s not based on any science, and if it is why aren’t we being told what the science is?”

“Haven’t you seen the footage? The antenna follows the patient then sends a zap towards the virus and disintegrates it.”

“Well that makes as much scientific sense as treating cancer with camel urine.”

“Are you saying you don’t believe in camel urine too?”

There was really no hope in trying to engage in a rational discussion, was there? And, fortunately, that was a conclusion to which we both came, at the same time!

In the classic 1951 version of “When the Earth Stood Still”, the advanced alien , Klaatu, asks the earthly Professor Bernhardt “You have faith?”

Bernhardt replies, “It isn’t faith that makes good science, Mr. Klaatu, it’s curiousity.”

But curiousity is a casualty of political and educational systems that stifle independent thinking, critical thinking, or simply thinking altogether.

C-Fast may have not given us a cure, but it gave Egyptians a lot to laugh at and despair over.

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