Against Unworthy Praise

Egypt’s man-at-the-helm, General Sisi, and his lackey the interim president, met on the 15th with a three-member congressional delegation.

The delegation apparently showered the General with praise for reigning in the Muslim Brotherhood which was described as “our enemy and yours”.

The news story was on the front-page of many newspapers and news-sites, often featuring a photograph of the General in all his grand, formidable and praiseworthy regalia. The message the news gatekeepers wished to imply was “Egypt’s leader receives much deserved validation from the United States”, and I’m not sure whether there was s secondary intention to contrast this congressional position with the Administration’s “regretful” stance on Egypt, or with previous congressional frigidness towards ex-president Morsi.

The reason why I think there might have been a secondary intention behind highlighting Sisi’s meeting is that no one who reported it bothered to mention that all three members of the congressional delegation are certified wackos.

For other brazen nonsense from Bachmann, check out this

For other brazen nonsense from Bachmann, check out this

Michele Bachmann, or Queen of the Tea Party as she is known in the House of Representatives, is credited for being one of the co-founders of the movement. She laments how the teaching of “evolution” soiled the minds of young Americans, and she discredits all the humbug on climate change and global.  Her criticisms of President Obama or so factual that she once decried his foreign visit to India for costing the American taxpayer 200 million USD a day.

In 2012, she, along with four other members of the Republican caucus, stirred controversy by addressing a letter to President Obama demanding he put an end to the infiltration of the US administration by Muslim Brotherhood agents. The letter caused such an outrage that even members from the Republican party distanced themselves from this kooky show of McCarthian  paranoia.

Louie Gomhert was another one of the co-signatories of this pitiful letter. He also shares Bachmann’s views on the unscientific nature of climate change, and the sacrilege of the theory of evolution. He invokes “God” in his speeches as much as any right wing Salafist.

Steve King not only denies the science of climate change, he also denies with religious vehemence any attempts at stem cell research. He voted against aid to Hurricane Katrina victims because it empowered Big Government. And he stood against the election of President Obama, why, because the “optics” of his middle name (Hussein) wouldn’t look good on a man representing the United States.

These are the sort of dark fundamentalists that Egypt seeks validation from now. They almost make the Brotherhood seem enlightened in comparison. And that’s to say nothing about their views on peace in the Middle East, Official Direct Assistance, or any other topic which might be of importance to Egyptians.

But paraphrasing Yeats I beg the question, would Egypt still have the praise, of every dolt and knave?

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